• Dress Rehearsal (26th sep)
    Dear Parents We are organising a Grand Dress rehearsal for the upcoming EXPRESSIONS 2017-18 on 26th September.
  • EXPRESSIONS 2017-18 (27th sep)
    On the Auspicious Occasion of Dussehra Little illusions Preschool Presents 3rd  Annual Day Celebration “EXPRESSIONS 2017-18” On 27th September,2017, (Wednesday) The management, staff & students of Little illusions Preschool Request the Esteemed Presence and Blessings of Grandparents and Parents Of Our Little I’s on this occasion.  at our School premises…
  • Admissions Open
    We are happy to announce that Admission are Now Open at Little illusions Preschool. For Play-Group, Pre-Nursery, Nursery, Day care & NTT
we love to make friends!
We learn while we play!
We Care for our Environment!
We love to build!
We enjoy our school!

Holistic Learning

a comprehensive scratch curriculum which is specially designed and that extends far beyond the confines of a classroom.

Holistic Learning at Little Illusions

Little illusions preschool offers a comprehensive scratch curriculum which is specially designed and that extends far beyond the confines of a classroom. Children have countless opportunities to assimilate knowledge, discover hidden talents, follow dreams and grow into well-rounded individuals.

Every activity, both inside and outside the classroom, at Little illusions contributes towards the learning process in different, but equally meaningful ways.

Inside the classroom:

  • With 15 children and 2 teachers, every child receives the personal attention that he/she deserves and needs
  • Indoor free play based around a series of activities: Dramatic Play, Block Building, Sensory, Art, Discovery and Science.
  • Innovative problem-solving techniques, questioning, and active participation in on stage competitions are strongly encouraged to build curiosity and confidence.
  • Unique teaching methods are used to make learning a fun, interactive and engaging process
  • A practical and project-based approach to learning is used.
  • Teachers are approachable and friendly, forming a parent-like association with every child. They encourage children to think, question and freely express themselves.

Outside the classroom:

  • Yoga, Meditation and Prayer forms an integral part of the school curriculum so that children have calm and unburdened mind
  • A mandatory co-curricular program ensures that children step out of their comfort zones and endeavor to learn new skills
  • Celebrations of cultural festivals and historic occasions, both national and international, foster a spirit of togetherness amongst children
  • Excursions are organized frequently to explore varied areas of interest

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