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Shaping young and impressionable minds is a serious responsibility.

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Shaping young and impressionable minds is a serious responsibility.

At Little illusions, we strongly believe this is as much the duty of teachers as it is of parents. The teachers are carefully selected to ensure that we retain the highest standards of education in our classrooms and beyond. Teachers at Litle illusions Preschool also influence the moral development of children by setting benchmarks of ethical and responsible behavior.
We understand the tremendous impact that teachers have on a child’s growth, development, and personality therefore all our faculty members are equipped with professional teaching qualifications. The entire academic staffs at Little illusions Preschool attends training sessions and education workshops at regular intervals to constantly improve on their methodologies.

The non- academic staff at Little illusions Preschool is also well equipped to support teachers and handle the needs of our students. Our care-takers are well trained in infant care, water safety, food safety cleaning and hygiene and first aid. Our nutritionists strive to provide students with healthy and nourishing meals while the management and other staff members are dedicated to create a joyous and relaxed learning environment that ensures a holistic growth and all-round development of all the students entrusted to our care.


  1. Playgroup – 8:1
  2. Pre-Nursery – 15:2
  3. Nursery – 15:2
  4. Kindergarten – 15:1
  5. Grade 1 On wards – 15:1

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