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NTT (Nursery Teachers Training)

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Little illusions Preschool is a renowned and Highly Awarded Preschool in Greater Noida. It was established in the year 2014 by Ms. Tina Chopra an accomplished educationist with wide experience in the field.

As a Teaching Institute, we have recently taken yet another step in contributing towards pre-primary education by introducing our Diploma course in Nursery Teacher Training (NTT). It is a comprehensive programme which covers almost every aspect that is related to pre-primary school education.


Our NTT teacher training Course lays emphasis on developing the trainees in all aspects of nursery school teaching. Besides providing knowledge of Nursery Teacher Training subjects like child psychology, child growth and development, child health and nutrition, teaching strategies and techniques, child care and management etc. our NTT course also refines your talents and abilities and develops your aesthetic and creative sense so that you are able to work as a Nursery teacher in schools running in India or abroad, through Nursery Teacher Training Course. We also empower you with required knowledge to set up and run your own nursery school.

As the role of a pre-school teacher has become significantly important, this Nursery Teacher Training Course permits you to exhibit your skills and talents so as to be able to deal with the challenges of the profession and the demands of the industry. While framing the curriculum of Nursery Teacher Training (NTT) Course, care has been taken to offer a broad base to this Course, so as to impart first-grade competency to our students in India and abroad.

It is aimed at preparing competent and confident pre-primary level teachers who stand out differently from others.



This course provides an opportunity for a professional and quality experience which will help the candidates to develop their creativity, overall personality and confidence. It also helps them in understanding the young minds and how to mould them into brighter students. We will help you in learning the tools and techniques about child study.  Their individual growth and planning of educational activities through the following mediums:


  • Child Psychology & Child Development
  • History & Philosophy Of Pre-Primary/Nursery Education
  • Pre-School Organization And Child Care & Health
  • Principle Of Education
  • Elementary Educational Psychology
  • Teaching Methods & Materials for Nursery Education
  • Lesson Plan / Micro Plan & Teaching
  • Creative Art & Craft Work
  • Art File & Other File
  • Preparation Of Teaching Aids
  • Viva & Internal Assessment
  • Advanced Education Psychology
  • Working With Parents & Community
  • Education Technology
  • Teacher Education
  • Programme Planning
  • Case Study & Project Work
  • Practical Activities (Indoor And Outdoor Games)
  • Communication Skill & Performing Art
  • Viva & Internal Assessment

Course Duration

The duration of Nursery Teacher Training course is 9 months. And if you are 10+2 qualified you can easily undertake this course.


Career Opportunities

  • Open your own play way school
  • Nursery Teachers in Public Schools
  • Adult Education Centers
  • Art & Craft Teacher
  • Working with NGO’s


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