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we love to make friends!
We learn while we play!
We Care for our Environment!
We love to build!
We enjoy our school!


"Within the Child Lies the fate of the Future"
These were the words that inspired our thoughts and we came up with the idea of Little illusions Preschool.

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What exactly is Little Illusions?

Little Illusions is a thought that each child, however Little is an “I”.  Which means each child is an INDIVIDUAL and has their own Individual IMAGINATIONS, INSPIRATIONS, IDEAS, INTERESTS, INTELLIGENCE. As adults what our role should be is not to teach children, but to learn from them about their needs, their interests and what they like to do the best, and then use it to provide an environment which will help the child to develop freely and fully.

As beautifully said by Dr. Maria Montessori “Free the child’s potential, and you will transform him into the world”.We too have faith in each child who is an Illusion today, but with right guidance and opportunities provided by us has the potential to spread beautiful Magic in this World.

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