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We understand how difficult it is for a Parent to trust a school with the Safety of their young ones and therefore we have gone an extra step to make sure that each child is taken care of.

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We have undertaken the following Safety Measures:

  1. Fire proof Building
  • 2 Emergency Exits
  • Smoke Detectors & Water Sprinklers
  1. Fully Monitored Building
  • CCTV Monitoring with Video & Voice Recording
  • Security Guards at all entry & Exit Points
  1. Medical Safety
  • Medical room with Qualified medical staff
  • On call doctor available in case of Emergency
  1. Child Safety
  • Bright, Cheerful, Airy, Spacious, Child-Friendly and Fully Air-conditioned classrooms
  • Child trackers with SMS Notification to the parent regarding Location of the child
  1. Food Safety
  • High standards of Healthy & Nutritious Meals
  • Special care taken for any kind of Allergies
  1. Transport Safety
  • Gps Tracking system for every child in each cab.(Child’s location can be monitored by the parent from their premises.)
  • Air conditioned cabs driven by professional drivers & accompanied by trained female care-takers

“We take SAFETY SERIOUSLY . . .”

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